"Love taking my family to each and every show, glad I am a season ticket holder and will continue to be one for many years to come." --Melvin Ballard
Silver Star Playhouse

Audition Information


Audition Date/Time:

Saturday, May 3, 2014 10:00AM - Noon.
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Audition Protocol:

This is an open audition. Actors will be seen in order of arrival.

Audition Location:

Desert Star Playhouse
4861 S. State St.
Murray, Utah 84107

Actors Needed:

Males and females, ages 18 and older. Must be familiar with comedy and strong singers are preferred. Some dance experience is helpful.


Required. Non-returnable. You don't need a professional photographer. Just take a picture with your phone and print it.

General Information

We would like to hear you sing along with our pianist. If you read music and would like to bring 30 bars of sheet music for the pianist, that's great. If you don't read music well or not at all, we'll ask you to sing "America The Beautiful" with our pianist playing for you.

We're interested in your humor. If you have a comic monologue great! If not, tell us a story, relate a humorous event or just tell us some jokes so we can listen to your comic delivery. We LOVE funny people!  


All roles are paid.

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